Jan Douglas Vocal Arts
I am a teacher. To teach has been my intention since high school and it is a profession I have pursued in study and practice from my college years on. Even though performing was a big part of my career and always a tremendous personal joy, teaching the art of singing and performing has always been central to my life.

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Along the way I have taught in colleges, universities and in master classes to individuals, groups and classes throughout the United States. I have been associated with the National Association of Teachers of Singing, The New York Singing Teachers Association and the American Academy of Teachers of Singing, all of which have engendered a current sense of what is going on in our singing community and in the business of singing today. It is truly an exciting field and profession. In addition, it is a personally rewarding and revealing practice should you choose to take it into your life.

If you are up for such a process of personal growth and endeavor I hope I might have the opportunity to assist you in your pursuit of the art of singing as well.